Dinner sides
The perfect side dish enhances the meal. We strive to provide the freshest
and best vegetables of the season along with unique preparations

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Accompaniments for your meal
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 Baked White Beans                  Boston Orange Salad                   Braised Celery                                Corn Saute                                   Green Beans
 Spinach Strawberry Salad           Pasta    Salad                                Cranberry Apple Relish            Potatoes Anna                          Roasted Potatoes
 Scalloped Potatoes                    Fresh Vegetable   Salad                   Thai Vegetables                  Tomato Mozzarella Salad           Wild Rice Stuffing
 Tempura vegetables                             Grilled Vegetables                      Stuffed Potatoes                       Acorn Squash                               Fresh Asparagus
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   3 Bean Salad                                  Arugula, Beet & Feta                  Apple, Pecan Cheddar             Arugula, Brie & Cranberry          Basmati  Rice
                 Coleslaw                                            Corn Saute                                            Gravy                                             Grilled Veggies                                  Jello
            Irish Pasta                                             Mac & Cheese                           Mashed  Potatoes                      Pear & Raspberry Salad            Pomegranate  Beans      
       Puff Pastry                                           White Beans & Pork                   Roasted Brussels Sprouts          Roasted Potatoes                 Stuffing & Gravy
Roasted Root Vegetables                   Tossed Salad                                   Squash Casserole                       Tempura Veggies              Waldorf Salad & Jello cubes
 Whole Wheat Pasta                            Zucchini  Salad                                        Caesar Salad                                    Red leaf, goat cheese                    Rolls & Butter
 Tomato , Cheese &Basil               Poppy Seed  Dressing           Pepper Parmesan Dressing          Roasted Red Pepper Cream          Puff Pastry Straws