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Wedding Cakes

Baked fresh using only the finest ingredients, real unsalted butter, heavy cream,

imported Belgian Chocolate....

A special cake for a special day Let us Custom Design one for you!!

Variety of flavors to chose from. Some of today's brides are foregoing the traditional cake and opting for table cakes or a dessert buffet!! Check out our Fancy Mini Desserts, Petit Fours and other dessert choices for a stunning presentation!!!

call 301-724-5414 or email

                  Simple Leaves                                                                           Whimsical                                                                Tara
                   Bridal  Lace                                                                                 Fresh Orchid                                                 Basket of Flowers
                  Fondant Doily                                                                Plain Leaves                                             Yellow Scrolls & Rolled Roses
           Leaves & Vines with Mini                                                                        Leaves & Vines Decorated                  Lily of Valley in Color
           Wedding Drapes                                                         Wedding Drapes & Dress                              Dotted Swiss                    and first cut
     Embroidery & Royal Ribbon                            Embroidery & Royal Ribbon                          Handmade Truffles & Gift Boxes
     Embroidery &Ribbon Table Cake     Pink Brush  Embroidery                                   Sage Scrolls Table Cake
     Brides Cake & 2 Table Cakes               21 Table Cake Centerpieces                    Table Cakes set  up
     Lily of Valley in Color with Sotas                Lily of Valley                                               Garlands & Sotas
          4 tier  Lily of Valley                                              Bridal Berries                                                                          Bridal Berries
         3 tier  Royal                                                                     Floral dots & Ribbon                                          Scrolls
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